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Cubus Advokaterne


Cubus Advokaterne is a specialist lawfirm situated in the very heart of Copenhagen.

Cubus Advokaterne represents a long tradition in legal services and has more than 50 years of experience. 

We are specialized in real estate law, including transactions, residential and commercial tenancy law, real estate development, management of properties and owner’s associations, construction law and disputes related to real estate. We have extensive experience in real estate transactions and the attorneys at Cubus Advokaterne have represented buyers and sellers in many transactions from small transactions involving only a single property to some of the largest transactions in the danish real estate market.

We work closely with property management through our connection to the property management company, Cubus Administration. Our attorneys assist in all legal matters that arise in relation to property management, including debt collection, foreclosures, sale of owner occupied and cooperative flats and matters related to both house owner’s associations and cooperative associations.

Cubus Advokaterne has existed as a general practice law firm for many years and has great experience with all general areas of law, including private law matters related to wills and administration of estates, as well as corporate, commercial and trust law.

Our commercial insight and business understanding combined with our experience and knowledge is the foundation for our advise and assistance to our clients.



Dronningens Tværgade 30, 5.
1302 Copenhagen


Telephone: (+45) 3323 1010

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Highlights - areas of practice

real estate

Cubus Advokaterne is a specialized lawfirm with specific focus on real estate.

As such, we are specialized in giving advise on all matters of real estate law, including transactions, development and construction, commercial and residential tenancy law, planning and regulatory issues etc.

Our attorneys have strong networks within the real estate industry and many years of experience in advising and assisting in matters related to real estate.

Private law

We advise in cases of family law and matrimonial cases, including wills, handling of estates, marriage settlements or co-owner contracts on common assets, including real estate.

Based on many years of experience, we offer highly specialised advice in private law matters, our clients are danish and foreign private individuals, professional foundations and various charitable organisations and institutions

Based on a personal dialogue and advise, we will help you find the best solution, whether by creating a new will or adjusting an existing one.

Administering the estate of a deceased person can be an involved and complicated process. Cubus Advokaterne have many years experience in handling estates and provides advice on estate administration, including assisting beneficiaries.

Corporate, commercial & Trust law

Cubus Advokaterne advise on corporate, commercial and trust law.

We assists in the start-up of new businesses, including registrations and preparation of the basic documentation, as well as such mattes as the establishment of shareholders’ agreements, drafting of contracts for the employment of directors and staff, drafting of other commercial contracts with suppliers etc.

Cubus Advokaterne also assist in relation to matters related to the general management of existing companies in their day to day business.

Cubus Advokaterne represents and administers commercial and general charitable foundations and associations. We are experienced in family foundations and have often assisted in helping parties set up trusts.

Debt collection and foreclosures

Cubus Advokaterne assist with debt collection procedures and foreclosure actions. We have many years of experience within both areas and offer both advise on debt collection and assistance in the entire process of debt collections and foreclosures.

Finance law

Cubus Advokaterne advise on finance law, especially real estate finance in relation with acquisitions, sale and re-financing of existing properties and portfolios.

We provide advice in connection with the financing of companies, including the acquisition and sale of companies, real estate and issues relating to mortgaging. We assist in preparation of finance and security documents, including formal registrations with the Land Registry etc.

We have many years experience with real estate finance, including enforcement procedures and foreclosure actions. As a result we have a strong network in the real estate industry related to property finance and assist our clients in complex finance solutions.

commercial and residential tenancy law

We assist in matters related to both residential and commercial tenancy law and have great experience and knowledge in handling all matters related to tenancy law.

We assist both private clients and large real estate investors on matters of tenancy law, including drafting and negotiating lease contracts, assisting in matters related to management of leases, handling disputes etc.

The attorneys at Cubus Advokaterne have a strong network within the fields of both commercial, retail and tenancy law.