Cubus Advokaterne


​Real estate specialists.

Areas of Practice


Real estate

Cubus Advokaterne is a specialized lawfirm with specific focus on real estate.

As such, we are specialized in giving advise on all matters of real estate law, including transactions, development, commercial and residential tenancy law, planning and regulatory issues etc.

Our attorneys all have strong networks within the real estate industry and many years of experience advising and assisting in matters related to real estate.

We advise both corporate and private clients including private owners, investors, engineers, architects as well as sellers and buyers of properties in Denmark.

We are highly specialised and experienced within all areas of real estate and can assist with all legal services required by clients in the real estate industry, including:

  • acquisitions and disposals

  • corporate real estate

  • real estate funds

  • commercial and residential lease matters

  • rent reviews

  • specialized properties, including hotels/leisure, senior housing, etc.

  • sale and leaseback

  • property finance

  • refinancing and restructuring

  • distressed properties

  • enforcement

  • development

  • Permits from public authorities, including permits relating to environmental issues.

  • forward funding and purchase models

  • construction

  • environmental

  • litigation

Cubus Advokaterne also assist in relation to newly constructed buildings, real estate project development, administration of construction projects, urban renewal, the formation of housing cooperative associations and house owner’s associations, and in conversions from residential use to commercial use or vice versa.

Due to many years of experience we have sound understanding and insight into the real estate industry in Denmark and can therefore assist our clients at a high and specialized level.

Cubus Advokaterne have worked closely with property and asset management for many years and are highly experienced in property management and property development. Cubus Advokaterne work closely together with the property management company, Cubus Administration and handle all legal issues related to the day to day property management.

Corporate, commercial and trust law

Cubus Advokaterne has many years of experience within general advice for corporate clients, whether it concerns small, medium or large businesses within subject areas such as: business start up, financing, leadership and board, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, daily operation and more.

Cubus Advokaterne represents and administers commercial and general charitable foundations and associations. We are experienced in family foundations and have often assisted in helping parties set up trusts.

Commercial & Residential tenancy law

At Cubus Advokaterne we have great experience and knowledge on matters involving both residential and commercial tenancy law.

We assist in all matters related to both residential and commercial tenancy law, including drafting of contracts, assistance in relation to amendments, transfer of leaseholds, negotiations, rent disputes and rent reviews, terminations and disputes in general. We also have a comprehensive experience and insight into the regulatory framework surrounding the residential and commercial tenancy law, and advice on the development of properties and asset management in relation to optimizing property portfolios etc.

Cubus Advokaterne often represent parties in the Court of Housing as well as disputes at the Rent Control Board and the Tenants’ Court of Appeal.

Our attorneys have advised major property and shopping center owners with complex cases involving market rent reviews, advised in relation to major reconstructions, disputes, sale and lease back transactions, and negotiating and drafting of lease contracts for major retailers and shopping centers.

Real estate Finance

Cubus Advokaterne advice on real estate finance, both in relation to acquisitions and disposals but also in relation to re-financing of properties and in relation to project financing in relation to large-scale real estate projects in Denmark and abroad.

Cubus Advokaterne have many years of experience with handling the securities in a real estate financing, including the enforcement of securities in case of a breach of loan agreements etc.

Cubus Advokaterne assist both private and commercial client in relation to real estate finance.

Private law

Cubus Advokaterne advise in cases of family law and matrimonial cases, including wills, handling of estates, marriage settlements or co-owner contracts on common assets, including real estate.

Based on many years of experience, we offer highly specialized advice in private law matters, our clients are danish and foreign private individuals, professional foundations and various charitable organisations and institutions

Based on a personal dialogue and discussion, we will help you find the best solution, whether by creating a new will or adjusting an existing one or assist in other matters of private law.

Administering the estate of a deceased person can be an involved and complicated process. Cubus Advokaterne have many years experience in handling estates and provides advice on estate administration, including assisting beneficiaries etc.

Debt collection and foreclosures

Cubus Advokaterne have many years of experience with debt collection for large danish companies, house owner’s associations and lenders etc. Cubus Advokaterne carry through the whole process in cases of debt collection, from the first notice requiring payment, the writ and the carrying on of civil and enforecement court proceedings.

Cubus Advokaterne have great experience with handling foreclosure proceedings related to real estate. Based on many years of experience, we have a strong network within the industry of real estate finance and can offer strategic and commercial advise in relation to foreclosures, refinancing etc.


Cubus Advokaterne have great experience in handling cases at all instances in the juridical system as well as in arbitration. We have great experience with the juridical problems that may arise in matters of buying, selling, developing and leasing of real estate.

It is a matter of trust to let a attorney take care of your case. Therefore it is important that the lawyer has experience and insight in carrying through cases in the juridical system and at the arbitration. When a client is part of a juridical case it is crucial to get help from a lawyer, who has experience and knowledge about the character of cases in question and in handling court-cases in general. Furthermore it is important that the attorney can make an objective evaluation about the possibilities and risks in the case, as well as advising if it will be better for the client to settle the dispute by negotiation and settlement. To be able to make such an evaluation the attorney must have insight and experience in consequence of business character, temporal and economic, and not just only juridical aspects. During all the progress of the case Cubus Advokaterne will always focus on the strategy in the case and objectively advise on the possible consequences connected to taking care of the case.